Poems That Reflect

Over the years I have reflected on issues and life generally by way of writing poems. The selection on this page reflects some of these issues.

Morning Sun

Morning sun breaks sleep of night,
rattling clock calls forth sight;
Slowly life of day
stretches man on bed
and call of world
breaks the magic of dream.
Rush of water
clears cobwebs on eyes,
and naked body
engages once again this time world.
Cloaked in garments
of design and taste,
breath of air
is met with swift and urgent step
towards the needs of work.
New York, Paris, London
globe cities all alike
watch morning ritual
without care or insight;
Who asks the question,
Is this all there is to life???????

Some 20 plus years ago I wrote a poem that tried to capture what I hope my life might achieve.

To Leave A Mark

To leave a mark
Upon the ground I’ve walked
To give a helping hand
To those whose lives touch mine
To see the beauty
In Nature’s every breath;
To cherish and protect
The gift which is our Earth.
To journey in adventure
To the depths of my own soul;
To see afresh in others
The one I am forever becoming.
This is my work,
My leisure and my living,
My daily going forth
At one with others in creative vision.
And through our gentle action new worlds creating.
At one alone
With soul search eternally renewing.
This is my purpose,
Be with me, friend,
We have the power to make and shape
The sunrises of new horizons
Into Seasons of our own creation.

A poem about giving up on dreams of youth for advancement within the system or institution. Our individuality is precious and sacrificing our independence and freedom to be different is destructive of our soul and spirit. This poem was written when I faced a major life changing decision.

Don The Collar

The Future – don the collar meekly:
Become typical, satisfied, comfortable, safe
Rise to new heights -don the red;
Play golf with those of like attire,
Swill whiskey with others of the trade.
Preach to all in bored yet measured tones;
Forget the dreams of youth,
Cast aside the burden of ideals.
Accept the system, play the endless game
And then …
Vegetate … 
Grow lonely old quietly alone;
Rounded physique, studied opinions, foreign holidays.
Regretting horizons untouched, dreams unlived.
Above all a love lost and gone.
Wretched fool, he who considers this.


“I believe that listening is the key to wisdom”

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