What Do I Bring

Can one person do this alone?

Free from the shackles of ideology, my experience has shown that one person can.

Through building relationships, one can create collaboration that crosses ideological and party boundaries and win support for new solutions

As a Senator I do not promise to change the world, but I do promise to fearlessly challenge thinking while pushing for strategic policies that address the present and the future.

This will bring my experience and my creativity to the task of suggesting solutions to the major challenges we face as a Nation.

Peter Finnegan connections

I bring vast and wide ranging experience, and with it a network of connections both national and global. I have learnt how to be an entrepreneur and changemaker within the Public Sector, how to work with, yet influence politicians and senior officials.

I want to bring Fresh Insights into the public debate and the Senate role would provide me with a platform for just that.

“I am not a single issue or single focused candidate.”

I believe the only thing that is constant is change, and how prepared we are to manage change is the measure by which we make sure that change doesn’t manage us.

About Peter

“I believe that listening is the key to wisdom”

Poems That Reflect

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