Unlocking Dublin’s Potential: As Director of International Relations with Dublin City Council, Peter Finnegan talks to Jimmy Geoghehan about the key strategies in place to promote economic growth in the city

The ‘New Rising’: Peter Finnegan Director of International Relations at Dublin City Council talks to Shane Cassels about the main events planned to celebrate the centenary of 1916 next year – they include the ‘New Rising’ where 62 sister cities in the US who have twinned with cities and counties in Ireland will send their leaders executives to Ireland for a major summit.

An Unexpected Capital for the Internet of Things: Dublin finds itself leapfrogging the competition in the race to a smart city.

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Dublin as an engine for innovation

Pendulum Summit 2018

Accepting the Innovation Luminary Award in Espoo Finland

Innovation Luminary Awards 2016

Why Peter Finnegan for your Number 1 Vote


Each of us by the footprints of our giving, leave a mark upon the earth of our living . I am driven by a passionate desire to make a real difference in the lives of the people I serve.

  • I am not a single issue candidate because all of the issues we face are interconnected. I know from experience that the impact if greater when we are strategic in legislation, policy and practice by connecting issues and co-ordinating public resources better.
  • The Senate needs people who think “outside the box “. It needs innovators who can challenge the status quo but who are able to build collaboration to get things done. I am such a person.
  • The future is not some hidden coastline waiting to be discovered, it is being shaped now by how we address the present. We need to address now how work, education, pensions , housing provision, economy and society need to change to deal with the impact of technology and a changing society.
  • I want to crowd-source the insights, knowledge and solutions that graduates across society can offer. I will establish a web based platform to do just that and commit to regular local meetings with graduates.

In terms of the “big picture” issues that need to be addressed now to secure a better future I want to push a change agenda that will tackle challenges such as:

  • How will we create a new model of work , society and economy in a digital age.?
  • How can we secure mental, physical and emotional health and well being across all age groups. ?
  • How can we enable older people, people with disabilities and young families enjoy a better quality of life?. How do reshape housing provision and community building.?
  • How can we fund and creatively shape education at all levels to ensure that all of our society gain the skills and knowledge to live their lives to their full potential. To achieve this we must address the entry and retention barriers to teaching as a profession.?

I don’t have the name recognition of some but I do have a record of experience and delivery that cannot be denied .

What would Peter Be like as a Senator

The best judge of a person’s capability are those who have worked with me and walked the journey with him….Here are some of the opinions about him

“a hands-on, visionary and goals-driven,  inspirational leader. A person best able to set desired objectives, develop complex, multi-partnering strategies for their delivery and execute these strategies with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.” Constantin Gurdgiev former Professor of Finance TCD  and former Editor Business & Finance.

Peter is a supremely skilled and highly innovative executive with vast experience of local government in Ireland . He excels in developing path finding programmes in the field of local /urban development and partnership based approaches to solving societal challenges”  Prof Tom Collins , former President Maynooth University and President Dundalk Institute of Technology

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Peter on a variety of initiatives and events over the years and always found him to be positive and helpful with his support. I enjoy working with people such as Peter who proactively seek to find ways of making good things happen.” Prof Thomas Cooney Technological University Dublin

“Peter is a consummate professional, who thinks big and does not shirk from taking risks. He is a strong networker and builds and maintains relationship easily. “

Prof Martin Curley Director Digital Transformation and Open Innovation HSE

“Peter is a seasoned executive with an extensive career experience. He was an early adopter of the power of information technology and the internet and has been a staunch champion of the development and deployment of digital services within the public system. In tandem with that he is an excellent relationship builder nationally and internationally. He brings that great combination of practical experience in knowing how to make things work as well as an openeness and energy for new ideas to drive innovation.”

Phillip Flynn Former CEO Digital Hub Dublin

“Peter is an innovative thinker and is solution oriented. He provides clear thinking which he can translate into action to deliver the best outcome for all concerned. He thinks outside the box but can bring people with him across functions and the spectrum of an organisation. He is a very effective leader and great communicator.”

Lisa Hughes Executive Coach and Facilitator

“Peter is a highly innovative and creative person who makes things happen that otherwise would not. He is a great networker and is able to bring together coalitions of interest to effectively tackle very demanding challenges. ”

Peter Gay Chairperson Volunteer Now


What are the issues

What will I deliver if you choose me and I get beyond your “table” of decision

I make only two promises.

  • I will continue to work as I have done to make a difference in others lives, & will utilise the skills gained through experience to lead positive change
  • I am going to engage with graduates like you. I can best make an impact if I do so in partnership with you. This means crowd-sourcing your insights & ideas from your work , your community , your experience.

There are three immediate challenges facing us today : Housing ; Health &  Education. There are two other challenges that require long term solving ; Climate Change, & Pensions. Strategically they are connected to a number of major considerations about how we plan the future in an age of rapid technology application across our global village.

  • How do we plan to change our current model of Society, Wealth distribution, Inclusion & the “Job”?
  • How do we redefine & secure quality of life in a changing world.

From my life experience of change leadership,  we need voices in the Seanad that creatively, & with an independent open spirit, push the boundaries of our national debate, build coalitions of common purpose & strategically influence how we deliver solutions that address the present but with an eye to the future.  I have the experience & the skills to be such a Voice. I have been able to influence change by being  able to work with others & win support from within & across Government & organisational silos. Integrated action & co-ordinated resource usage is always best.

I used to think it took courage to put yourself before people in an election. The longer I live the more I realise the real people of courage are the people who dare to follow a dream, who care for others, who challenge the status quo, and who keep optimistically taking on new challenges in the classroom, in the home & in the workplace. Health is our most precious commodity not gold, & mental health is a special treasure to be kept safe. I want to use the office of Senator to support people of courage especially in the important arena of health & well being. I am fundamentally a facilitator & enabler of others & it is this characteristic I most want to “fly free” as a Senator.


Interview with Womens Inspire Network

I have been involved in facilitating and helping others establish initiatives and create change in their own areas of passion or niche areas of business. One key way of doing this is to support those who create or bring major conference events to Ireland. One such event was a Social Media Summit which was the brainchild of Samantha Kelly the founder of Womens Inspire Network, a support network for women entrepreneurs . Other initiatives facilitated include the Web Summit , the Pendulum Summit, Mediacon(Media and Film) , Cities Against Poverty, Cities of the Isles(UK-Ireland colloboration) and Globe Forum(Climate).

Introducing President Higgins and the Presidents speech


“I believe that listening is the key to wisdom”

What Do I Bring

Strategic policies that address the present and the future

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