What Do I Promise

In return I make these absolute promises to you:

I will be a “listener” who will hold an annual Gathering in each of the four Provinces so that graduates of NUI might meet with me and share their opinions, concerns and ideas for change. I will implement an online consultation platform via this website that will enable graduates to raise issues, seek support for their initiatives and offer fresh insights.

I make this promise because I believe that listening is the key to wisdom. He/she who does not listen first and speak second often misses the wisdom and insight that others have to offer.

I want to build a network of wisdom and fresh insights across the Graduate community so that we can Crowd Source creative and innovative solutions to the challenges that the future will bring.

I promise to do my best and to honour your trust in the ethical, courageous and unselfish manner in which I conduct my business as a Senator. I promise furthermore to respect the views of others, to seek to bridge difference of opinion and to forge co-operation on issues rather than promote conflict.

I promise to voluntarily resign should a petition of concern be presented to me by a number of graduates equal to the quota in the election and arising from their concern that I have not honoured this promise.


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